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My journey


I am Maria Andrea and I currently live in England  

Since 2012 I have worked as a companion and collaborator of friends and family, exploring in the investigation and use of different tools that help the Being to wake up to another reality in combination with the one we live, all this has been part of my life  and it has pushed me to reach out to different people with different perspectives. From my childhood, my grandparents, parents, friends instilled in me transcendental values that today I apply in my consultations, as well as communicating the importance of integrity to achieve well-being.

Every day I dedicate myself to observing and exploring human designs and frequencies to collaborate with different people who consult me and to be able to find together different points of view, for example in the observation of a conflict.  Together we can  broaden our consciousness, remembering our right to live a healthier, physical life  mental and transcendental.  

Do not miss the OPPORTUNITY to know your design! It will show you the way to be in the world !!  

Maria Andrea Peyrel Acosta  

Guide to Live your design certified by the International School of Human Design  

Studies:  Initial Level Teacher-Bioneuroemotion 1 and 2 - Master in coaching  personal and business. NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Control of work stress- Neuropsychology  of Education. Dietetics  and Nutrition, Dietitian.

Terapeutal LNT  

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