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  • We protect and respect your data and your person as well as ourselves.

  • We do not use them improperly, but only occasionally: to inform you. You freely registered in our Newsletter at some point (in the disappeared, in or in

  • We do not offer your data to third parties, or rooms, or fifths ... or anything at all.

  • We like the simple and the clear. When you get bored, you leave us…. and thanks for the timeshare!

  • Not only data: Communications between us and its contents are kept private and exclusively between us. We ask that you do it too and do not distribute them with third parties. Everything remains between us and flourishes in the field of intimacy, trust and respect.

  • If you are no longer interested in reading our Newsletter, simply,  unsubscribe. In each of them, at the end, you have a link to do it (it says BAJA or UNSUBSCRIBE).  This is the automatic, easy and fast way to unsubscribe. The list is managed by Mailchimp.

  • I am not sending you an email to confirm your subscription before May 25, 2018 because you subscribed freely. And more than anything, to avoid receiving another one (I am receiving millions) with the update policy. Where there is common sense and respect, as is the case between us, rules are superfluous.
    Other than that, if you want to read the next "legal stuff" down here, don't deprive yourself. ;-)


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